Monday, February 1, 2016

Lucas' Blog with Women Empowerment Project

Hello Guys!
I am a  german office volunteer in the Women Empowerment Project , I want to welcome you all to the International Service Office and also to the ICS team in Bolivia!

I  hope you are as happy as I am to get the chance to be a member of this amazing programm for the next three months. Because I am reaaaaaally excited to work on this cohort. As I already had the chance to work on this programm and project during the last cohort, I have been able to know more about the project and its outcomes.

During the last cohort we worked with the producers in construcction and themes like gender, sexual education and nutrition, bolivian and british worked together on these workshops. So I was able to learn a lot about these issues and made sooo many life changing experiences!!

So as the ICS programm in Bolivia now seems to be at the begining of the end, the work we need to do during this cohort is totally different and everything will change. That means we have another chance or opportunity to learn new things, new experiences and to see our project in a totally diferent way than we used to.  So now we will not do construction in El Alto, but we will go there and make a diagnosis of their situation. We will not do workshops about gender, but we will evaluate the impact about everything we  did. We will not do fairs and talk to the people about sexual health, but we will work on fundraising.

The closing of ICS doesn't necessarily mean the end of all. It means there will be a change, this change is not negative as people would think, it can be refleceted on progress towards something new.

We have the posibillity to creat something new, different, interesting, unique. We just need to find the way of how to do it! Now the one and only barrier is our mind!

So let's start working! Let's be creative! And let's make a change!

Lucas Wilke


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