Monday, February 1, 2016

Let's Defy Gravity by Joel Astorga

This is the second week! OMG Can’t believe time is passing so fast!... Thinking that we are already on the induction process freaks me out a little bit. Why? Because this is the last cohort in Bolivia with ICS and we obviously have bigger goals than before… goals related to find the way to make the projects sustainable.

I have the strong feeling that the team of this cohort will achieve the goals and rock, especially because we will be able to see what the lovely British volunteers have done during these three years of help to Bolivia.

This is my second cohort as a Team Leader and I can’t hide the happiness of being here, doing something to change the reality of my country. My expectations for the cohort are level 100 over 100, because of the quality of the team that has been selected.

That is why I want to welcome each one of you, not only the ones that are part of the Women Empowerment Team but also the whole Cohort 15.

I encourage you people to give your best! Set on your mind the goals we have established and work.. work… work!

Indeed, we may face some storms through the way but I am sure we will be able to handle those.
Let’s demonstrate that we are here to change the world and to make it a better place for everyone.


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