Wednesday, December 16, 2015

“We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.” Marilyn Monroe

A new adventure started three months ago and at the same time a new challenge for myself… today I think of all the things I have been through with my team, I remember with love the good memories and also the difficulties we have gone through. In a certain way it brings to my heart sadness, joy and also hopes that I will see them again.

On the other hand, I must admit that I had fear on this heart of mine, I was afraid of not being able to complete all the tasks assigned to me and I was even more afraid of the difficulty of the physical labor that the project required; I think that the source of the fear was that I had never done or participated in construction activities, not even lifted a pickax or spade which at the beginning made me believe that I was not and would never been capable of doing it right. But now, I see on myself a clear example that we are all capable to do and complete any activity we aim to do, from this journey I have learnt that the only things we need for achieving our goals are motivation and the desire to work hard and do it right.

The second part of my story gets reflected on my experience as a Team Leader. This has been the most rewarding but also challenging experience, there was fear on my heart, that fear was mostly related to my team, I was afraid of not being accepted as a Team Leader or me not being able to motivate the team and guiding them on the wrong direction. But now I feel thankful that all of them cooperated with me and my decisions, I felt their support and I just loved when they were willing to finish the activities the best way possible and showing pro activity when brainstorming new activities or ideas to make the processes better.

I consider important to remark the names of the amazing people that have worked with me during these three months, people for whom I feel respect and also love. My team… the team of Women Empowerment. Each one of them has added important value to the project and have worked hard to achieve the goals that we had set for us at the beginning of the cohort: Alice, Natalie, Karen, Varinia, Elizabeth, Valeria, Rahima, Karen, Harry y Richard. Thanks for the time spent on the project and the will to impact El Alto’s women rights.
I believe that the work done during this cohort has been effective because of the topics we have worked on through delivered workshops or doing green houses construction in El Alto. The workshops were related to violence against women, women and human rights, differences between sex and gender, contraception methods, kids’ nutrition and recycling focused on urban agriculture.

I believe I am not the only one that values the effort and positive energy that the volunteers have put on the project but also the women producers of El Alto that in some occasions are ill or the agriculture is the only way for them to have incomes.

I can happily say that I feel proud of the work we have been doing during these three months, not only because of the work but also the friendship we have now and I am really sure, that is the type of friendship you never forget about.

Finally, I would like to thank three of my Team Leader fellas: Lorena de la Torre for being my master and friend, for supporting my decisions and work by my side. To Sinead Morgan for giving me the best advices ever and being an unconditional friend. At last, but not least to Louise Furness that believed on me from the moment we met each other.

Let’s keep it up COHORT 14 we have gotten more lives to impact through our work and active citizenship!

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