Thursday, December 17, 2015

My last blog

After seven months of work at International Service for the ICS program I can say that my life changed positively. On june after an entertaining interview I was told that I had been chosen to be a coordinator of a project of urban agriculture in the city of El Alto. The truth I had no idea what to expect of this work and was not sure if I was ready to do so, but there was no turning back. I went for my first day of work with a huge smile on my face and much enthusiasm, when the other Team 
Leader began to explain what was the methodology of the work, the progress that had been made and what were my duties I was stunned by the great amount of information he had received.

But as I said there was no turning back and we started Cohort 13. With each trip to El Alto to build I liked the project more and more. I learned a lot about agriculture, gender, nutrition, among other things, but the main thing was that my thinking was changing. Suddenly I was working closely with ladies who I had no connection in strange places of El Alto which I had no idea that existed before that time. And this is how every day I saw strong women giving all of them to build a small garden that would improve the nutrition of their family or to improve their economic situation a bit. And even though these women did not have much they invited us a delicious apthapi with potatoes harvested by themselves. And that was how I began to understand the value of work and I began to appreciate these beautiful women with stories of strength and courage. And while we can not change the world with this work we are changing the world of a cholita

And now seven months after, our project has worked with nearly 40 families supporting them in building their gardens and their square footage. We have conducted workshops on self-esteem, women's right, sex education, nutrition, bio-fertilizers, customer service and more. And honestly I think we have win more than anyone. And finally I say goodbye to this beautiful project, with tears in my eyes and a huge smile, knowing I gave my all every day and I'm proud to see the fruits of our labor.

Ale, Joel, Liz, Frapa, Sole, Eri, Kera, Ross, Dale, Lucy, Flora, Miranda, Imo and Kasia

Nata, Jime, Vari, Pachi, Harry, Richard, Luke, Liz, Karen, Rahima and Alice, 

Thank you for everything you have taught me, I love you all!!

Louise was amazing to have worked with you, you really are the sweetest person I've ever met !! 
My dear Joey !!! Working with you was the best thing that happened to me!!You are the best co-Team Leader!!! 

“Si no vives para servir, no sirves para vivir” BP

With Love


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