Monday, November 30, 2015

Through Planting Seeds, Friendships Grew

As we near the end of our cohort, with only two weeks remaining, this is a time to reflect on all of the project, Woman Empowerment, throughout the past 10 weeks. It is a time to remember all of the woman we have helped whether it be digging a vegetable patch for them and their families, helping put a roof on their greenhouses, presenting workshops to them on various issues such as contraception, woman’s rights, self-esteem, recycling or ways to help them increase their profits e.g. by making jam, ketchup or mayonnaise with the vegetables they have produced.

   This week we worked with one of our partner projects called Fundación Alternativa. This project was created as a way to allow people in the surrounding community to have their own vegetables allotments. Before this project was created the community was criminal ridden and unsafe but now it is a peaceful place for the allotment owners to go to grow their own vegetables and fruits. This week the Woman Empowerment team helped by planting onions, clearing a path for water to pass through during the rainy season and creating planters out of recycled plastic bottles.

Not only have we helped over 15 producers in these various ways but we have also helped ourselves. Throughout these 10 weeks our whole team has bonded from that very first day in The Scouts Hut when we were just a name to one another tonow in such a short space of time we can call ourselves a team. Without one another we would not have been capable to help these woman to the extent that we have because as a team we have collectively put in 100% of our time and ability into our work and the outcome is clear, a woman with no means to support herself and her family now has her very own vegetable patch or greenhouse to grow her own vegetables which she can use as food for herself or sell in the market for profit. A woman who believes that she is only a  ‘producer’ and does not realise how hardworking, passionate and loving she is can now see herself as a human being through the hard work of myself and my team. After 10 weeks of working in Woman Empowerment I have grown to love construction, agriculture and helping these influential, hardworking woman but more than that I have loved working with my amazing team. Now we are no longer strangers in The Scout Hut but now we are friends. 

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