Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lucas Blog

This is the Blog of Lucas. The german guy of our team, so please excuse me if my english isn't the best, but my spanish is worse.

We are now in week 7 of the Cohort 14, so in the middle of our time. This week we all were a  bit shocked because we just got really bad news. We were informed that ICS Bolivia will end with our Cohort but still one more cohort with only in-country volunteers.

This was a really big shock for all of us! And we from the project of Women empowerment, see us now in the need to change some of our planes for our cohort. This is because we had planned some activities we needed to do for the next Cohort.  For example, we had planned to go to Viacha and Achocalla, because we were told to go there to figure out which needs they have so we know what we should do with them in the next Cohort. But as there won`t be a next Cohort there is no need for this anymore. But nevertheless all of us are still really motivated and there are already new activities we are planning instead of the onces that are canceled. So we will do an action in the square in front of UMSA (a public university), where we will talk to the people and make activities about gender issues.

Nevertheless Viacha was canceled on Friday, half of our group went there last week on wednesday. Because until then we didn't know that we will be the last Cohort. So there we helped some women from El Alto to prepare the soil in Greenhouses and little fields to plant vegetebles and potatos. It was a really good day because it was really productive and the women were really happy that we helped them. And we saw that they were already planting and also have already greenhouses. So even if we could have changed there a lot in the next Cohort, it is not that a big deal that we can`t help them anymore.Furthermore we normally keep our plan for a normal week. In the last time during the office days on mondays and thursdays we mainly worked really intensive in our gender/recycling manual and in our guided learnings about NGO`s and food security.

During the construction days on thusday and wednesday we were working with the women from APU and as I said, one time with the producers from Viacha.I think this days out in the campus are for all of us, or at least for me the most exiting days of the week. Because out there you are out of the city, everything is quite, the air is fresh and you are just doing really hard physical work. And after the day you are really exhausted but very happy, because you really see the impact you have done and it is easy to imagine how your work will help the producers in the future.

And last but not least the fridays. Last friday we delivered the guided learning of our team about NGO's which was really interesting and informative. After the guided learning is always the language exchange, which is especially for me really helpfully, because there I could improve my spanish and my english.  In the afternoons we normally make the Action Friday where we were departed in different groups and visit the other projects. Until now I visit Inclusion, where we played with the Buddies and the next Friday we went with Empo to a school where we also played with the children. So now I know all the projects of La Paz and even if they all are so totally  different, it seems like they are working pretty well and for me they all are really interesting.

So even if there were bad news, we are still working really productive and are now even more motivated to make as much impact as possible.

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