Monday, August 10, 2015

Eco Tambo

As the sun rose above the hills of El Alto, the Urban Agriculture team stirred in their sleep. Today was the day. They had sworn an unbreakable oath to protect and serve Eco Tambo, the ecological fair of La Paz, and with it the livelihoods of the women of El Alto. It was a perilous task, with pitfalls at every turn, but Urban Agriculture understood that they were the only ones capable of this holy quest. Since the second cohort, no other team had shown such promise. The dangerous combination of superior looks and everlasting banter gave the team an edge in the fight against bad nutrition.

The team raced to Plaza Avaroa, with the muscle of the team, Dale, at the forefront. With his super human strength he put up the tent in record breaking time, whilst Little Lungs Lucy blew up 4875476 balloons, fighting the handicap that had cast a dark shadow on her life. Flora, the guardian of the sign, desperately circled the Plaza, searching for an answer to the age old question, ‘Why is it important to eat ecological produce?’

Kera and Frappe enticed members of the public to attend the Feria. Using their wit, charm and wordplay, they won the war against the language of Spanish. The horrendously handsome Ross and the legendary beauty of La Paz, Soledad sold ecological produce at the market, using their unspeakable good looks to lure in unsuspecting buyers.

Imi, the youngest member of the team, and the protector of all of god’s creatures took care of the tombola. The street children rejoiced at the fruitful offerings from the magnificent team, protected from diabetes for another day. Meanwhile, Miranda, the master of them all, lovingly watched over her young protégés, her heart gushing with pride. 

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