Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Biggest adventure

Coming to Bolivia was the biggest adventure i have ever undertaken. Knowing that everything i do is helping someone less fortunate empowers me to carry on the tasks, however hard or draining they are. This week, we gave a workshop to a small group of young children on the benefits of nutrition and healthy eating. We began the day with games to excite the kids, we used a football and asked the children to pass the ball around while shouting fruit and vegetables, previous work on the APU ecological sale helped the volunteers out with Spanish fruit and vegetables.

The children seems to thoroughly enjoy their time and soon became less nervous around the British volunteers even with the language barrier. With lots of help from the Bolivian volunteers, we started the work shop where the children drew there normal meal at dinner. It soon became clear that a lot of them had an unbalanced diet, the majority of the children drew their meals with chicken and chips with no vegetables. This was incredibly surprising and let us get an insight on their diets, for a rural community I was surprised at how western they eat with their fried chips. Shortly after this, the main motive of the workshop was to weigh and measure all the children, it didn’t take long and all the children were enthusiastic by the prospect. Working with children on nutrition was very fulfilling, knowing we are passing on vital life information to them that will benefit them their whole life.

Working along side woman from difficult circumstances, some having problems at home while the majority live in poverty, brings a tear to the eye, the work we do here will help them build a better future for themselves. Blood sweat and tears go in to helping these woman, in one of the poorest areas of Bolivia. El Alto is something else. I have never been to a city quite like it. Derelict buildings coupled with stray dogs everywhere and multiple cholita stalls gives this city a personality. Not one of acceptance of poverty, but one of ambition and desire to make life better. This is an experience that i will never forget.

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