Thursday, July 24, 2014

Welcome Cohort 9

The new round of British volunteers is already in La Paz. They arrived full of energy, encouraging expectation and prepared to get involved in their projects and responsibilities as soon as possible.

The Urban Agriculture and Nutrition team will be composed of three excellent volunteers called Kate Warren, Ilyas Mirzadeh  and Josh Henstock. In their first week, they completed the in-country induction successfully and now they are initiating their project tasks in addition to becoming familiar with the local context, environment and modus operandi. The team will be supported by two new in-country volunteers called Carla Andrea Urrelo and Mateo Vega plus the ongoing team leader called Pedro Calero.

The volunteers will be working in multiple fields such as: construction and maintenance of greenhouses; video production; commercialisation and marketing; monitoring and quality control, nutrition, design and publications; urban agriculture investigation and innovation; pedagogy and training; organisation and facilitation the public events; among others duties.

There remain eleven weeks of community service, exchange and commitment for international development and human rights. Without doubt, it will be an enriching period for volunteers, partners and beneficiaries. This is a unique opportunity for personal development, participation and impact, which opens the door to opportunities, inspiration and a better future.

I feel so glad to be part of an engine that generates and promotes hope and courage as well as unlocking the potential hidden in multiple individuals and communities.

Without further delay, allow me to wish Cohort 9 all the best with their initial stage and a prosperous journey as they complete their meaningful contribution.

Second day in la Paz

Metting with Apu at El Alto

Team working hard after a full day of meeting 

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