Tuesday, April 22, 2014

These firsts weeks

During these first weeks we have worked mainly doing the planification of what we are going to do over these three months. We´ve also done the context presentation of the country and the communities that we are going to work with.

The induction week is one of my favourite parts of every group of volunteers because when we present our context and our Project there is always something new you learn about it, even when you think you know it all. 

During the presentation about Bolivia made by the in country volunteers or cooperantes técnicos there were some topics that before this cohort had not being approached with all the impact as they were presented now. Favio, Ariel and Pedro made a small play about the amazon culture´s history. I think this will be one of the moments that the volunteers, team leaders and in country volunteers will remember the most.

About the context of the people we will be working in the Project with FOCAPACI we had the opportunity to meet the producer women from the different associations. These women have between 22 and 50 years old.
Each and every one of the women has different life stories. But they have similar characteristics. The majority of the women have at least 2 kids that live with them. This is the reason why women spend most of their time in their houses taking care of their kids. When they have the opportunity to work outside the house they take it because they need the money. When they have to leave their houses the kids stay alone and locked in. Sometimes kids have accidents without adult supervision.

The schedules of the producer women depend mainly on their kids and husbands. It´s important to know when you want to meet with them that they cannot meet when is cooking time for the family or when they have meetings with the kid´s school, or when they have to pick them up.

The priorities of these women are their kids. That they have enough money to eat and that they study a lot in school.

The greenhouses that the women have in the yards are a benefit for the whole family. Nevertheless the incomes that the vegetables bring are less than 20% of all the incomes. This is why the women give more importance to the husband´s jobs, and whenever they need help from the wives they do that first.

This is the reason why the commercialization area is so important. If we achieve with the producer women  to increase the family incomes by selling the vegetables that the families are not eating husbands and wives will give more attention and time to the greenhouses not only to improve the nutrition in each family but also increasing economically.

When we got to meet these women that are part of the different associations that now are united in one big association made for selling  called APU (Association of urban producers) one gets to learn many things like perseverance, motivation and wanting to improve every day.

Is gratifying to find people with common interests, values and preferences like the volunteers that come and the people that we work with.

We hope that the work with this cohort will be successfully made by the end of these three months.

Posted by: Edelweiss Murillo

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