Friday, February 28, 2014

Who Says that Construction Work and Working with Children Don't Go Together?

Task 1: Work in a children's centre in Rincon Portada to create a healthy living module for 3 to 5 yearolds 


Day one in the children's centre; every volunteer helped out in implementing our behaviour management system, whilst spending valuable time getting to know the children.

The next session we did an activity with the children to learn about fruits and vegetables and why they are good for you.

 Finally we had a sports week, so the children could learn the importance of exercise. At the end we gave out medals to all the children for participating!

Task 2: Building the walls of a greenhouse with a family in El Alto 


Getting started; anything to do with construction always needs good earth to work with. So there's a lot of pickaxing, digging and sieving to be done!

After you've got fine earth, you mix it well with water and straw put it into a mould and start to make your bricks. It's slow work, but very satisfying when at the end of the day you see them all laid out in a row.

Give your bricks a few days to dry and then to build your wall, making sure to use wetter mud to cement the different layers together.  Slightly more challenging when you're doing it in the pouring rain!

Maybe not the most natural combination of tasks, but it makes for an interesting week! 

Photo Diary - Liam McClelland

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