Thursday, November 7, 2013

Building a greenhouse!

These photos show how our group helped to make bricks for a lady called Emiliana in San Roque, El Alto. The bricks make up the foundations for the greenhouse we have been building with the family.

 Zoe and Ariel working with Emiliana and her partner.  They are pickaxing the ground and mixing water and hay to create the mixture for the bricks.

Becky and Ariel standing in front of the site where the cement mixture is made.

Hannah and Ariel, knee deep in the cement mixture.

Thanks to their hard work, the mixture is almost ready to be made into bricks. 

A local man resourcefully using drawers as moulds, which the mixture will be poured into to make bricks.

A local lady from the community using water from her well to assist with the brick making.  In the background is a greenhouse, which was constructed through the same process.

After much hard work, the bricks to create the greenhouse are complete. 

We celebrate with the entire family, whom we are working with to build the greenhouse.  

Created by Harriet Mitchell
Edited by Sarah Cassidy

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